He’s Still a Cave Man, Sweetheart

Women always joke that men haven’t changed since the beginning of time—that they’re the same Neanderthals today that they were back then.

Which, as it turns out, is nearly right. Men are not technically Neanderthals, they’re Homo sapiens. But guys today are not much different from their ancestors. That is, they haven’t evolved much…if at all.

That’s what a new study published in Current Anthropology says—and admit it, we girls are happy to believe it.

Like most studies, this one proves what we’ve known all along. Men are men—and no amount of genetic mutation, environmental factors, or feminism can change that.

(If you need proof—you really need proof?—check out Of Course You’re Still Cool, Honey, by Dan Consiglio.)

That said, let us not forget the advantages of having a cave man on your side, around your house, and in your bed.

Top Five Advantages of Modern-Day Cave Men

  1. There is no lid he can’t pry off with his bare hands.
  2. If it lights up, he knows how to program it.
  3. He’ll not only rid your home of bugs, rodents, and reptiles, but he’ll enjoy doing it.
  4. He carries a Swiss Army knife—and he’s not afraid to use it.
  5. Best foot warmer ever!

So if you love the big lug, give him his own Man Cave. Fill it with snacks, beer, and a big-screen TV. It will make him happy.

And when he’s happy, you’re out buying shoes.

Because apparently we women haven’t changed much, either.

Imagine that.


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