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Are you a media specialist making a book selection? This page is designed to help members of the media find the experts, personalities, and the story ideas they need. Check out our featured book as well as links to request new books, press releases for books, and find more featured authors. Also, our online catalog is coming soon!

Featured Books

The Chick-tionaryThe Chick-tionary

Anna Lefler

So whether you’re at a Bitch and Stitch or asked to bring crudites to a baby shower, you will be ready for any situation.

Read an excerpt of The Chick-tionary!


A Couple's Guide to Sexual AddictionA Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction

Paldrome Catharine Collins and George N. Collins, MA

By understanding the reality of sexual addiction and what it means for a relationship, couples will be able to better relate to each other and plan for a successful future.

Read an excerpt from A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction!


Sweets on a StickSweets on a Stick

Linda Vandermeer

What’s better than dessert? Dessert on a stick! And now kids can get in on the fun with these scrumdiddlyumptious dessert recipes!

Read an excerpt from Sweets on a Stick!

A Dictionary of Made-Up LanguagesA Dictionary of Made-Up Languages

Stephen D. Rogers

With thousands of words in more than 100 languages pulled from history, literature and pop culture, this book is the perfect lexicographical companion for ordway overslay (word lovers in Pig Latin) everywhere!

Read an excerpt from A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages!

Vegan Junk FoodVegan Junk Food

Lane Gold

Whether it’s ooey-gooey desserts or deep-fried delicacies, this book will have you hungry for more!

Read an excerpt from Vegan Junk Food!

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