The “States of Confusion” #statestereotype Twitter Contest Winners!

Yesterday, we ran a Twitter contest in honor of our author, Paul Jury‘s (States of Confusion) promotional video that went viral and took the internets by storm! “50 State Stereotypes in 2 Minutes” gave everyone the lulz, so we ran a #statestereotype Twitter contest to see who could give us more of their own hilarious state stereotypes, with the chance to win a copy of States of Confusion!

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Below, the #winning entries – and don’t forget to check out Paul’s video – and heck, buy his book while you’re at it!

rimareda @adamsmedia minnesotans have scandinavian accents (think “Fargo” (movie)) #statestereotype

HalfLass #Michigan: Sure, there’s the unemployment…the crime…the Lions, but hey, you can get 10¢ for a used Faygo or Colt 45 can.#statestereotype

bethblinebury @adamsmedia Pennsylvania: We puke on little kids at sports events, but hey we’ve got pretzels. #Pennsylvania #statestereotype

BrianAStump @adamsmedia #statestereotype Florida: drive slow, sit low #jerryseinfeld #oldpeople

mikehegberg @adamsmedia everything in Nebraska is made out of corn, even our currency system. 1 bushel of corn for a haircut. #statestereotype

gridjunky @adamsmedia California: We don’t all talk like Jeff Spicolli, dude… #statestereotype

gregbandy #statestereotype, Illinois, spelling our name is just the first problem.

melnichele @adamsmedia New Jersey: everyone is loud, rude, orange and on steroids #statestereotype

designcrush @adamsmedia In OK we also live in teepees, say ya’ll every other word, and watch tumbleweeds roll down the streets for fun. #statestereotype

infobiscuits @adamsmedia: Michigan, not even Canada wants us. #statestereotype

alex_j_meyer @adamsmedia Iowa: “Isn’t that out west?” “No, that would be Idaho” #statestereotype

melnichele @adamsmedia California: it’s 100 degrees everyday of the year #statestereotype

andreastreeter @adamsmedia UPSTATE New York? Sorry, I’m not familiar. #wedontexist #statestereotype

michLOL @adamsmedia Connecticut: the land of the psychotic housewife with as many skeletons as shoes in her closet #statestereotype

laurenwaterman @adamsmedia As quoted from #Twilight “Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be, like, really tan?” #statestereotype #arizona

Ms_Nfo @adamsmedia Oregonians all wear flannel and still use outhouses #statestereotype

caitlynmayers @adamsmedia The West Virginia state song is “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge. #statestereotype

designcrush @adamsmedia Oklahomans get around via horseback instead of cars. #statestereotype

elmoTK @adamsmedia Silicon in the north. Silicone in the south. #California #statestereotype

jpfariadesign .@adamsmedia “Wyoming is Italian for ‘No State Here’” #statestereotype Shout out to my @Garfield watching days.

mstrfantastic @adamsmedia GTL and pregnant teens 24/7 #NewJersey #statestereotype

bicycle82 @adamsmedia Everyone in Texas carries a gun… oh wait that’s true #statestereotype

MorganHutch @adamsmedia #statestereotype ChootEm! Louisiana!! Thank you History Channel!!

imandre @adamsmedia Everyone thinks ALL Californians are either hippy weed-smokers who rarely shower, or sexy beachbod surfers #statestereotype

DrakeAschliman #statestereotype Colorado: Trustafundian

Owiella @adamsmedia #statestereotype Massachusetts: Best hospitals, worst drivers.

bicycle82 @adamsmedia Texas, its so good, people travel from miles to sneak in. #statestereotype

mikSIPIN #statestereotype. minnesota is actually canadian.

infobiscuits @adamsmedia: Michigan, not even Canada wants us. #statestereotype

lucy_prouty: Vermonters don’t drink water…they drink maple syrup @adamsmedia #statestereotype

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