Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with Two New “I Hate” Books

Had it with the mere mention of chocolate boxes, roses, and romcoms? Same here. Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with us with two new books of the misanthrope variety. These authors are sure to make you laugh while sappy lovers the world over go intolerably mushy over their overpriced dinners.

I HATE YOU, KELLY DONAHUE: DO NOT OPEN! NOTHING TO SEE HERE, JUST BORING STUFF OR EMPTY PAGES springs straight from the disturbed, obsessed imagination of Mark Svartz.

Kelly Donahue, a co-worker at Mark’s new office job, is the unfortunate recipient of this mad man’s attentions. The journal chronicles the eight months, sixteen days, and some-odd hours since Mark first laid eyes on the girl that he’s destined to fall for, date, get dumped by … and fight to the death.

Check out the video of Mark plotting Kelly’s demise by shark. This book is for anyone that’s been crushed in love, or simply likes to laugh at other people’s expense. Follow Mark on twitter @octopony or like the book on facebook for a change to win a FREE copy of the book.

Join Matthew DiBenedetti, author of the NEW I HATE EVERYONE, and popular I HATE EVERYTHING book, in his Anti-Valentine’s “I Hate” campaign. For a chance to win a FREEĀ  book post your own Valentine’s “hates” on facebook and twitter. Stay tuned for more posts from the author’s blog!

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